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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pasar Media?
    Pasar Media is an online media buying platform of IPG Mediabrands. Here you will be able to browse through various media choices across mediums, compare rates, book media space, enjoy agency level discounts. Currently there are only limited media choices, and we are working round the clock to get more and more media choices for you.
  • How do I know if the date I wish to advertise on is available?
    Please select your media choices and submit for a quick date check. We will work with the media owners and check the date availability and get back to you within 48 hours. In most cases we get back with the date confirmation within 12 hours.
  • I don't wish to confirm the booking after date confirmation?
    We completely understand, incase of any circumstances you do not wish to confirm the booking we will return your deposit after a minimal service charge dedcution.
  • Pasar Media rates are final or can be further negotiated?
    The rates displaye are retail rates applicable for a minimum buy unless mentioned otherwise. Incase of newspapers all rates mentioned are for single insertions only. If you have a bigger campaign planned, please reach out to us for customized rates. In many cases depending on the volumes clients enjoy a discount upto 60% as well.
  • I wish to advertise in a particular publication/website/site/radio station/channel which I not listed on Pasar Media?
    Yes, this is possible. However, please note that Pasar Media is part of IPG Mediabrands which works with 3000+ media owners across the world. If you have any custom query please write to us with complete detailes of your  demand and we will ensure you get what you need as per your plan.
  • How can I confirm my booking and make payment?
    There is a 4 step process to ensure the media buying experience is easy for you
    A. Select your media choice and confirm date availability
    B. Upon date confirmation, make full payment for the media buy via online transfer or credit card. 
    C. Submit creative artworks within deadline. Pasar Media offers creative services if you need.
    D. Await for proof of your ad appearance. This is shared within 48hrs of live date.
  • Can I cancel my booking after I have made the payment?
    Unfortunately, cancellations are not possible once the booking is confirmed in the system.
  • Tell us more about the website safety.
    Pasar media is developed on the state of the art technology availble in the world currently. All confidential data is encrypted and we follow global compliance policies of IPG Medibrands.